Harry Bosch Mysteries

LAPD Hollywood detective Harry Bosch is the creation of Michael Connelly. A gruff, tough, cynical but human Vietnam vet, Harry Bosch is married to his job. Working the seedier side of Los Angeles, he loves to sit out on his deck high up Cahuenga Pass in the Hollywood Hills, when he has any time left to himself, kick back, listen to Miles Davis or Sonny Rollins or Coltrane, and crack a cold one.

In Nine Dragons, Harry is asked to investigate the shooting of a Chinese liquor store owner in South L.A. When Harry realizes that he knew the victim and owed him one, he assures the man’s son that he will catch the headbanger who did it and brings in a young detective from the Asian Gangs Unit to assist him. But what seemed at first a routine robbery begins to look more and more like an execution by a Triad hitman. Then, when Harry’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Maddy, who lives in Hong Kong with Harry’s ex-wife, is kidnapped, he hops a plane to save her knowing that if he’s not back in two days, the suspect he has nabbed for the shooting will go free.

A great read, with a complex plot full of real characters, Nine Dragons is full of fast-paced action and surprising twists. I’m hooked. I’m definitely going back to the beginning of this series, winner of the Edgar for Best First Mystery in 1992, Black Echo, and work my way back up.

Note: Although Nine Dragons is the fifteenth book in the series, it could easily work as a standalone. I had no trouble at all following the story.

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  1. As a matter of fact, I love Harry Bosch. And I’m way behind in reading this series, so thanks for the reminder (grabbing paper to write myself a note). 🙂

  2. Pat,
    I love Harry Bosch, too. You’re in for a treat. Let me know what you think.

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