Janet McPhail Mysteries

BonehamSheilaJanet McPhail is the creation of Sheila Webster Boneham. Smart, funny, resourceful, and fiercely independent, Janet McPhail is a freelance nature and animal photographer. Divorced and fifty-something, she is content to live with her feisty, orange tabby cat, Leo, and her loyal and good-natured Australian Shepherd, Jay, with whom she does obedience training.

Drop Dead on RecallIn Drop Dead on Recall, the first book in the series, a healthy, active, 37-year-old veteran competitor with one of the top obedience dogs in the area collapses, gasping for breath, in the ring at a dog show. Janet springs to the aid of the woman and her horrified husband. But when Janet takes the victim’s dog home after the woman is rushed to the hospital and washes out a food container the woman had been eating from, she becomes a person of interest to the police. The woman was poisoned. When an attempt is made to poison Jay, Janet is determined to find the killer.

A delightful cozy set in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Drop Dead on Recall has a fast-paced plot and is filled with wry humor and believable, fully drawn characters. It is definitely a fun read.

Note: While each book in the series can be read as a standalone, there are continually developing storylines about Janet’s growing attraction to a fellow dog-lover, her constant travails with her aging mother who, with increasing signs of dementia, frequently doesn’t recognize her own daughter, and Janet’s worries about her perceptive next door neighbor Goldie Sunshine, an eccentric, older flower-child.

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