Lila Wilkins Mysteries

lucyarlingtonteamLila Wilkins is the creation of the author duo of Ellery Adams and Sylvia May, writing together as Lucy Arlington and then taken over by Susan Furlong. Lila Wilkins, a forty-five-year-old single mother with a seventeen-year-old son and the features writer for the Dunston Herald, is smart, tenacious, and compassionate.

Buried in a BookIn Buried in a Book, the first book in the series, Lila finds herself suddenly unemployed when the newspaper is downsized because of budget problems. Spying an ad in the classifieds, she lands a job as an intern reading query letters at a literary agency in the nearby town that afternoon. But her first day at Novel Idea Literary Agency proves to be more eventful than she expected when she discovers the body of a homeless man on a sofa in the waiting room, a man who had arrived earlier that morning with a bouquet of wildflowers and a copy of his query letter. Discovering that the police are unlikely to do anything more than conduct a cursory investigation into his death, Lila begins asking questions—questions that someone doesn’t want answered.

A delightful cozy set in the utopian town of Inspiration Valley in central North Carolina, Buried in a Book has an action-filled fast-paced plot and is filled with unexpected twists, quirky, well-drawn characters, and lots of red herrings. It is definitely a fun read.

Note: While each book in the series can be read as a standalone, there are continually developing storylines about Lila’s growing attraction to Officer Sean Griffiths, her worries about her son’s increasing involvement with the Red Fox Mountain Co-op, and her relationship with her mother—an eccentric psychic fortune teller.

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