Kate Davidson Mysteries

Tracy WeberKate Davidson is the creation of Tracy Weber. Spunky, headstrong, and compassionate, Kate is the owner of Serenity Yoga. She’s single, thirty-something, and anything but serene. In fact, she’s still struggling to overcome the death of her father.

Tracy WeberIn Murder Strikes a Pose, the first book in the series, Kate befriends George, a homeless drunk selling Dollars for Change newspapers outside her studio, and his feisty German Shepherd, Bella, who goes into a frenzy whenever she sees another dog and who is scaring Kate’s clients. Devastated when she finds George dead in her parking lot one night and Bella locked in her cage, she calls the cops. They dismiss George’s murder as just another drug-related street crime. But Kate knows that George never took drugs. Determined to find a home for his beloved dog, Kate dismisses her friend’s advice to leave the matter to the police and decides to investigate.

A delightful cozy set in the neighborhood of Greenwood in north central Seattle, Washington, Murder Strikes a Pose has a fast-paced plot and is filled with red herrings, plenty of twists and turns, and likable, fully-drawn characters. It is definitely a fun read.

Note: While each book in the series can be read as a standalone, there are continually developing storylines involving Kate, Bella, Kate’s boyfriend, Michael, who owns a pet store in the same, small shopping center as Serenity Yoga, and her best friend, Rene.

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